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Advertising a Business for Sale
          When the timing is right you can sell a business and retire, or sell your business for any other reason.  We have helped many business owners find buyers. Our internet advertising program works very well.


Buy a Business that has Potential Growth

          Looking for a business to buy?  Check out our listing of businesses for sale on our websites.  We can help you understand the financial statements, the costs and the revenue curves. http://www.BusinessForSaleAlberta.ca


Start a New Business with Caution
          Choosing the right product, finding the best location, negotiating a fair lease is not easy. The first thing that needs to take place if a market research. We have ideas that my help you on our websites.  http://www.BusinessStartAlberta.ca


Have your Business Appraised for Value
      Now that you have decided to sell your business, how much do you think it is worth.  If your asking price is too high, you will not attract a buyer.  If you ask too little you will leave money on the table. With over 40 years of business experience of starting, buying and selling businesses we can help you decide on the right price.


Is your Business Website Designed properly?
          A business websites needs to work for you. The layout, the structure, the focus, the title, the headings, the navigation and the body text needs to be planned properly. The is attractive information to hold attention and updated detail to keep customers coming back.


Business Website Promotion is a Must
         You can have the nicest, most professional business website in the world but if it does not come up on a Google, Yahoo or Bing, you are wasting you money. Websites must be “Search Engine Optimized” on order for them to found on an organic search.


Take a Business Skill Test
         If you are planning to start, sell or buy a business this test is for you.   This test can help prepare you for your next business decision. It  will trigger questions and ideas which you may not normally think about. These tests are engineered to stimulate your thinking.


Buy my eBook “How To Start A Business”
         This eBook has 17 chapter of businss information.  It was prepared from 40 years of business experience.  Some of this experience was gleaned through the ups  and downs of three boom and bust economies. To download this book to your computer go to the website.  http://www.HowToStartABusiness.pro



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